Our Story

Who we are?

TechTALK is a professional education-oriented organisation running events and seminars. We are an initiative that has successfully conducted a communication atmosphere between technological leaders, industry experts, communities, innovators, educators and learners.

At TechTALK, we aspire to help to close the STEAM skill shortage gap. We do this through our TechTALK NICE platforms.

  • Networking and knowledge-sharing platform (TechTALK)
  • Industry engagement platform (PlatformPi)
  • Community engagement platform (TechWhānau)
  • Education and training platform (TechADEMY)

TechTALK NICE platforms have been designed to deliver various services to a variety of stakeholders.

Our vision is “Empowering people to develop a sustainable technology ecosystem”. We want to establish an interconnected network of IT professionals who can achieve great success by collaborating and sharing state of the art technological innovations and trends.

Our Main Activities


Networking and Knowledge Sharing Platform

A professional networking platform to discover, support and share original ideas by running tech-centric talks, seminars, symposiums and conferences.


Industry Engagement Platform

An industry engagement platform to act as a bridge between the academic and corporate environment to build a win-win relationship by promoting university and industry collaboration.


Community Engagement Platform

A community engagement platform running a series of tech-centric social events to build a strong tech community by empowering women, senior citizens, student at-risk, Māori and Pacific and refugees.


Education and Training Platform

An educational platform making IT available for all who wish to pursue it to help to close the STEAM skills shortage gap by conducting workshops for kids, professionals and job seekers.

Our Team

TechTalk NZ was founded in 2018 by Dr. Masoud Shakiba. Supported by a group of volunteers, he has created the perfect opportunity for the academic community to meet the IT industry and bridge education with employment. TechTalk provides a platform for everyone interested in Tech to share and learn about innovative technologies.

Dr. Masoud Shakiba
Danial Sadeqi
Sara Shekarchi
David Horrocks
Monika Tylova
Paula Ray
Benicio Van Zwijndregt

Our Partners