TechTALK Ambassadors Position Description 

We highly appreciate your interest and willingness to work with us as a volunteer TechTALK Ambassador. Please read this Position Description carefully, then only complete the form below. We will review your application and get back to you soon.

For any further questions or inquiries please contact us at “”.

About TechTALK:

TechTALK is an education-oriented platform devoted to sharing deep and practical knowledge through short technology speeches and professional workshops. TechTALK was founded as a series of seminars to gather all the technology industry’s stakeholders to facilitate, support, and exchange bright and original ideas.

We want to increase the technical knowledge level of everyone in New Zealand and all around the world. Our aim is to help to close the STEAM skills shortage gap!

TechTALK was founded in 2018 by Dr. Masoud Shakiba currently works as an IT Lecturer and Industry Champion at Unitec Institute of Technology. Supported by a group of volunteer Techtorium students, together they created the perfect opportunity for the academic community to meet the industry and bridge education with employment. TechTALK provides a platform for everyone interested in Tech to share and learn about innovative technologies.

The main purpose of these positions:

To achieve our goals and to grow our team at TechTALK, we are happy to offer the following student volunteer positions called TechTALK Ambassadors. For example, you will announce as a TechTALK Ambassador at Unitec and … (one of the following positions)

  1. Event Coordinator
  2. Virtual Event Coordinator
  3. Workshop Coordinator
  4. Social Media Coordinator
  5. Webmaster 

All ambassadors need to promote our organisation to the general public and represent TechTALK at their university/college. You are expected to promote TechTALK seminars and workshops among other students and document their feedback to enhance TechTALK events.


Following benefits available to all TechTALK Ambassadors

  • Free mentorship
  • LinkedIn recommendation and endorsement
  • Amazing professional network
  • Team building and work experience
  • Promote your CV and LinkedIn profile
  • Recommendation letter and job support

Tasks and Responsibilities:

In this role, you will be responsible for:

General Tasks as a TechTALK Ambassador

  • To promote TechTALK to the general public.
  • To represent TechTALK at your University/College.
  • To promote TechTALK events among other students and staff.
  • To document students and staff feedback to enhance events.
  • To participate as a support at all events  

Specific Tasks as

  • Event Coordinator:
    • To plan, manage, and coordinate all the pre, post, and during events activities.
    • To work with other volunteers to create the best experience for all audiences.
  • Virtual Event Coordinator
    • To look after Zoom setup (or any other virtual platforms) to make the event live and accessible for everyone/everywhere all around the world. 
  • Workshop Coordinator
    • To plan, manage, and coordinate all the pre, post, and during workshop activities.
  • Social Media Coordinator
    • To keep social media account Up-To-Date and keep posting TechTALK news on social media (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and so on).
    • To publish at least two posts per week.
  • Webmaster
    • To develop and keep the TechTALK website Up-To-Date.
    • To work on SEO


All TechTALK Ambassadors need to demonstrate the following skills:

  • Demonstrated experience with speaking to diverse audiences of various sizes.
  • Basic computer skills, including the use of email and presentation software.
  • Good communication skills and the ability to inform and inspire audiences.
  • Willingness to speak on an as-needed basis.
  • Willingness to learn from audience and staff evaluations.
  • Punctuality and reliability
  • Teamwork and self-motivated 

All candidates need to demonstrate specific skills required by the role they willing to contribute to, i.e. Event Coordinator, Virtual Event Coordinator, and so on.


Please consider the following about where you expected to work and attend:

  • TechTALK Ambassador will work as an unpaid volunteer at their own university/college, representing TechTALK; so, you will work at your place (University/College).
  • You need to attend all the 5 TechTALK2022 seminars as listed in the calendar.
  • You may be required to attend meetings time-to-time to plan for the events, brainstorming sessions, and review the progress, either face-to-face or online as a one-to-one meeting or as a group meeting. 


TechTALK Ambassadors work on an as-needed basis as their personal schedules allow. To stay current with programs and events, we require volunteers to present at least 1 progress report fortnightly. We also ask (but don’t require) that ambassadors commit to working with TechTALK for at least one year (till December 2021).

Please consider the following about your time schedule:

  • How long will this job last? 
    • You will be announced as a TechTALK Ambassador from the date you’ve signed the Ambassador’s contract till the end of December 2022. 
  • How many hours per week? 
    • You will work on an as-needed basis not more than 10 hours per week. 
  • Can I determine my own hours? 
    • Yes, you are allowed to work on your schedule as long as you meet KPIs.
  • Is the job more time-intensive during certain months of the year? 
    • Yes, during the week heading to the seminar we normally have more work to do (Please refer to the TechTALK2022 Calendar)
  • Are date-specific events or project deadlines part of the job?
    • Yes, we will run 5 seminars this year, so the event schedule is fixed so required tasks need to be done before the events. You may also be required to attend meeting at certain times and dates. 
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