Digital Lean: Enhance Organisational Performance with Industry 4.0 – Product Management

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TechTalk’s mission is to help to close the STEAM skills shortage gap! We do this through a variety of activities, including planning tech-centric events with multiple speakers followed by networking sessions, running industrial workshops, collaborating with other organisations to enhance learning and development. We want to increase the technical knowledge level of everyone in New Zealand and all around the world.

This year we are partnering with IMS Projects and TechAdemy to take TechTalk2021 to the next level, adding a series of TechPlus workshops and focusing on the theme of “Digital Lean: Enhancing Organisational Performance with Industry 4.0”.

In response to COVID-19 Alert Level 4, we will run this event online.

About this event

When and where:

Speakers: We have 4 amazing speakers:


  • We will have 4 amazing talks
  • Q&A sessions after each talk and
  • Networking and team-building session (Breakout rooms)
  • Please refer to the table below for more information

Our Amazing Partners and Sponsors:

  • IMS Projects
  • TechAdemy
  • GridAKL

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