The collaborative education systems approach to learning has been in practice for generations. In this TechTALK, we’re going to find out how this approach to learning can help set up careers in technology for success.

We are proud to announce the 26th TechTALK seminar (hybrid event) as below:

When and where:

TechTALK 2023 Theme: Smart learning

Event Special Theme: Cloud Resource Deployment.

Speaker: We have an amazing speaker more than 30 years of experience in IT architecting, and deploying software and infrastructure solutions. His expertise is in multi-cloud, hybrid-cloud, microservices, and DevOps.

Event Hosts:

About TechTALK:

TechTALK’s mission is to help to close the STEAM skills shortage gap! We do this through various activities, including planning tech-centric events with multiple speakers followed by networking sessions, running industrial workshops, and collaborating with other organizations to enhance learning and development. We want to increase the technical knowledge level of everyone in New Zealand and all around the world.

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